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stars in your eyes by braxybrax stars in your eyes :iconbraxybrax:braxybrax 1 0 aurelie nyx cordell by braxybrax aurelie nyx cordell :iconbraxybrax:braxybrax 0 0
Mature content
Hallows End :iconbraxybrax:braxybrax 0 0
The Spirit of Christmas
“We wish you a merry Christmas,
We wish you a merry Christmas,
For the spirit is in your heart.
In a chest of joyful spirit, does the Christmas lie.
Here is its key and here its lock, open up, open up.
Show us your heart, show us your purpose
Show us your snow and show us your cheer
Tell us what might happen, without you
Oh Christmas dear”
The song was mournful,
The song was sweet,
The song was full of a magic we may never again meet.
It was sung without horror,
It was sung without fear,
It was sung without,
A feeling so drear.
And as Santa Claus sung,
Oh it faded into sight.
The Spirit of Christmas
Was such a beautiful sight.
It was red, and was green
With a single silver lock, to please
The wicked devil spawned witch,
Aliana Galantine
Aliana laughed,
In such terrible glee
As she took her precious key
From her bosom so large
And unlocked that precious orb
With another sharp laugh.
She released the Spirit of Christmas
It was a terrible crime
A mark against the gods
And goddes
:iconbraxybrax:braxybrax 0 0
Queen of Heaven
Queen of Heaven
Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell
Ringer of the night time bell
King of Hatred, King of Lust
Bringer of the jobs we must
Prince of Darkness, Prince of Light
Beginner of the endless fights
Princess Holy, Princess Young,
Earth, the one we walk among
Goddess Pure, Goddess true,
Lover, Mother of the God forever
Bringer of child, bringer of death
Bringer of her lover’s last breath,
Letting her child slip into Death
Queen of Heaven, Queen of Hell
Ringer of the night Time Bell
:iconbraxybrax:braxybrax 0 2
Santas Fiddles Playing
Santa's Fiddles Playing
The sounds of fiddles being played
Reached my desperate ears
The sounds of cackling elves at play
Gave me shivers, for I feared
Twas the night of Christmas Eve
All the children in their beds
And Santa moving all about
Pulling out all his hairs
His scowl was monstrous
His eyes were black
His costume red and torn
His bags of toys
No longer joyful
Now full of coal and scorn
His little helpers
With teeth so sharp
Ran about, like little mice
And his reindeer, dark
Flew out, creating a stormy night
Their hooves clattered, on the roof tops many
Children stirred in their beds
All the bad little chickens
Hid behind their fathers chairs
Waiting for Santa Claus
To fall through the door
Through cracks in the wall
And place their presents
Beneath the tree
Oh! How disappointed they will be
Instead of bikes, and trains and dolls
They would be given coal or scorn
Santa would not be happy this year
He would not be jolly
He would be evil, as the fiddles played
And his litt
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Look at Her
Look at her
Flirting, smiling
Playing it like its a game.
Look at her
She hurts, she flirts
Then flicks them away.
One guy today
Another tomorrow
Always thinking its a game.
She says its in her nature
To act the slutty flirt
Never being hurt.
She likes the way they
Stare when she moves
She like to leave them
Hanging on a word.
Look at them
They fall
They fall
At her feet
At the mercy
The victim of
Her harming sleep.
Look at her
She flirts.
Her skirts
So short
Has she never thought
That she will die
She lives this life
Like its forever
Never caring
About the hearts she breaks
:iconbraxybrax:braxybrax 1 0
The Sky Cries for Me
The Sky Cries for Me
While I struggle to hold back my tears,
The sky lets them pour down
While my eyes become a misty grey
The sky fills with clouds
While a single tear leaves a tail on my cheek
The sky leaves puddles on the ground
While I act happy,
The sky cries for me
:iconbraxybrax:braxybrax 0 0
My Brother Mine
Marching up and down
in such straight lines -
most faces are all blank,
except for my brothers mine.
His Cheshire grin jumps out
of that little crowd
and I feel the tears well up
- start to tumble down.
He knows I will miss him
when he goes away -
he knows that I'm proud of him
no matter what I say.
He knows that I love him
and that if he dies
i'll never forget -
Oh that brother mine
:iconbraxybrax:braxybrax 0 0
Chess Board
Life is like a chess board
You play it like game
One move leads to another
And maybe you’ll get check mate
Maybe you’ll win this game
Maybe you’ll lose the next
Just know that life goes on
Even if your not the best
:iconbraxybrax:braxybrax 0 0
sound of footsteps leaving
With every moment passing
I still can’t hear that sound
The sound of foot steps leaving
No goodbye’s stated
No see you soon’s met
No “hope you hold up well”
Just these words are read
I listen so intently
Waiting for that sound!
The one that will allow me
To resurface with a single bound
And the sun aint burning fiercely
It’s fading into night
The music’s playing softly
The radio’s out of sight
And yet still there he lays
Groaning with every move
While I’m merely waiting for footsteps leaving
Oh how I crave the sound
If only it would happen
Couldn’t it just please
Make me content this moment
Won’t he just leave?
And all these pointless questions
Thrown without a sound
Written words reach my eyes
And I just throw them down
Why can’t they not understand
That I’m just not in the mood
Why can’t they understand
What they are is rude
I see these names appearing
Despite my “closed eyelids”
And I just wish they woul
:iconbraxybrax:braxybrax 0 0
I Dream of Marriage
Every night I dream of marriage
I dream of what I’ll say
I dream that I’ll give my vows
Before I run away
Every night I dream of marriage
And this is what I’ll say:
Today begins my walk with you
Where you go, I go
Where you stay, I stay
When you sleep, I will sleep
And when you wake, I will wake
I’ll always be with you
I will pass the days within the sound of your voice
And my nights within the reach if your hand
And none will come between us
That is what I’ll vow
But I didn’t tell you the little catch
That will turn this wedding upside down
For that wasn’t your vow
It wasn’t meant for me or you
So now I’ll run away from you
:iconbraxybrax:braxybrax 0 0
Mature content
Screaming, Bleeding :iconbraxybrax:braxybrax 0 0
Dude... where's my car?
"Dude...Wheres my car?" I asked my shoe.
"Dude, you dont have car!" My shoe replied.
"What? Then what hapend to the Holden SSV Ute?"
The shoe shuffled around nervously.
"I... I um, uh, erhm, I crashed... it"
"WHAT! Dude, how the fuck did you crash my car? You can't even reach the steering
"Dude, I know, I can't even talk"
I frown slightly as all this new information sinks in.
"So your saying, I'm crazy, because...I'm talking to a shoe..that can't"
"Exactly right, good sir, old chap" My shoe starts speaking with a pommy accent.
"You bitch!" I growl low at my shoe and pull a sawn off shot gun, I shove it inside the shoe and pull the trigger, blowing my shoe apart. I smirk as I listen to my shoe scream, and my imaginaton die
:iconbraxybrax:braxybrax 1 3
Mature content
Dying for Love :iconbraxybrax:braxybrax 0 0
Hey Diddle Diddle
Hey Diddle-Diddle
Hey diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
The cow jumped over the moon
The little dog laughed
To see such fun
And the dish ran away with the spoon

Last full moon the cat played the fiddle, and the cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed to see such fun, and the dish ran away with the spoon.
Why? Why did the dish run away with the spoon? The dish ran away with the spoon because the cat, dog and cow refused to allow them to marry, and so they were forced to elope.
“It just wasn’t right. What do you get when you cross a dish with a spoon? A spish!” Cat told reporters yesterday evening, with dog laughing hysterically in the background.
“I tried to stop them,” – explained Cow – “but when I made to leap over the paddock fence, I jumped to high and ended up flying over the moon. I only returned to earth early this morning after making a stop for some moon cheese, which is quite delicious by the way.”
An exper
:iconbraxybrax:braxybrax 0 0

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Foxeh Kitsune EDIT by ToolKitten
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Foxeh Kitsune EDIT :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 3,148 357

just an update

Tue Feb 18, 2014, 8:39 PM
things are good. new owners at work, less hours. starting a ba in internet communications come march. need to start doing deviantart journal skins.

a la mort was revamped at the start of the year. also working on a deltora quest site, and will likely do a rowan of rin one too. also got a couple of other side projects mainly involving dinosaurs. and thinking of doing a disney or fairytale role play... based on just one (at most three) movies/tales... say like: cinderella, tangled and snow white or something. dunno yet.

also role playing over at empire university and helping design the skin for another hp site. its next gen, looks like fun.

also printing out all my fic stuff and organizing it better, deleting things i don't want anymore. yaaay.

that is all.

  • Reading: Anita Blake Vampire Hunter - Skin Trade


brax. young australian. role player. deltora quest. harry potter. spyro. doctor who. land before time. game of thrones. lost girl. forum skins. dohtml templates. web design. a la mort.


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